Forging Intelligent
Business Solutions
Through Technology

From healthcare to manufacturing, from publishing to field services, and across numerous other verticals and business types, we implement software solutions that operate businesses, enable collaboration of team members, and improve the bottom line.

Our Services

We design, develop, implement, and support custom software solutions for our customers. We analyze, compare, and select published software components and systems for our customers as well. We advise our customers on all aspects of software; from requirements to evaluation and recommendation of technology investments, through rollout and support.

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Our Work

We implement enterprise systems that are highly impactful for our customers. Our customers are pleased to serve as references for Travant.

Applied Strategies International

We are very pleased that Travant was able to easily understand and extend our current application. They have done so in a very cost-effective manner, and we now have the functionality that we need.

- Tom Zimolzak, Director

Art de Triumph, Inc.

Travant Solutions considered key aspects of our business: our products, our market, and our budget, and they implemented the ideal eCommerce solution for us. Travant understood the priority of our objectives, and that we didn't need every possible feature from day one. Instead, they focused on enabling key business functionalities quickly in order to bring us online in a timely and cost-effective manner, while still allowing for future expandability when we're ready.

- Ron Mertz, President

Blue Book Services

Travant understood our business thoroughly. They showed us how to take full advantage of Sage CRM's capabilities and tailored an enterprise system that has evolved our organization's premier database. We now have the tools in place to rapidly analyze and publish high integrity information for our customers, create new and flexible information products, and mine our database for new customer, cross-selling, and up-selling opportunities.

- Mark Erickson, Executive Vice President

Chicago Die Casting

We had attempted to use EDI but were not successful. Travant organized this into a brief project and took us through the steps of setting up and implementing each partner. Travant worked with our EDI vendor along with our administrative and IT staff, providing excellent advice throughout the project. I was extremely satisfied with the results and I would not hesitate to recommend them.

- Butch Brundige, President

Digital Fuel Solutions

The BOL application has simplified our process substantially, and it has greatly improved the readability of the documents.

- John McMahon, CEO

Disaster Kleenup International

While we had confidence in our IT team's technical skills, we were concerned about the lack of visibility into our project. Travant was able to quickly assess the status or our project, explain areas of deficiencies, and provide critical forecasts for timing and resources.

- Ellen Mikula, Vice President of Service Delivery

Elite Exterior Restorations, LLC

Travant impressed me the most with how they were able to listen the description of our problems and goals and translated them into something tangible. They quickly demonstrated they understood what our prime concerns were and were able to clearly articulate an appropriate solution that satisfied both our technical and business needs, and most importantly, within our budget.

- Greg Cigan, Principal

Elliott Affiliates, Ltd.

Travant has built a leading edge system that will support our operations and the success of our clients for many years to come. They finished the software on-time and on-budget, and Travant was flexible and responsive to the changes that arose during the development process. The end result is that we have significantly upgraded our mission-critical systems, which gives us a competitive advantage in terms of features provided and work capacity.

- Vince Elliott, President

Gammon Group, Inc.

Travant provided a comprehensive software solution, allowing our creative team to focus on our core objective of branding, design, and user experience. We look to Travant any time our clients need a software application to integrate with the marketing functions of our websites.

- Dan Stefanich, President/CEO

Gift of Hope

We were highly dependent on the memory of each staff member to follow up with their contacts and run our operations. Travant explained how a CRM solution could help us to reduce the amount of time spent on administrative efforts, focus more on our mission, and create an internal base of knowledge that could be shared with all of our staff members. They guided us through the selection process, and they ensured that our implementation was successful.

- Anna Gonzalez, Information Systems Director

Heads and Threads International LLC

Travant worked with us to automate our previously manual processes regarding certification documents. The project to construct the system was completed within the stated time and budget, and the software has dramatically improved productivity in our quality department.

- Tom Weidle, Director, Quality/Operations

Inspect Solutions, Inc.

Travant started by analyzing our business requirements which allowed them to design the most efficient system in both functionality and cost. Instead of the "big bang" approach, Travant proposed a phased approach which allowed us to roll out initial functionality to satisfy our key-clients followed by a long-term solution that will enable us to grow and expand our business.

- Ron Gould, President

Madden Communications, Inc.

Our business team informed us that the quality of our software was the best it had ever been. Travant played a key role in helping us to achieve this.

- Allan Furman, Director of IT

MonoLisaGram, Inc.

A prime factor that differentiates MonoLisaGram from its competitors is service. We know that increasing our level of service and ensuring a simple buying process for our customers will result in growth for us. Travant Solutions showed us how we can leverage technology to achieve this growth. They were instrumental in the implementation of our web site, electronic communications with our customers, and in using technology to manage customer relationships. Travant enabled us to provide our customers a means to plan for their promotional events and get the targeted products they need on a very timely basis. This has increased our orders and improved customer loyalty.

- Lisa Howard, President

MPM Food Equipment Group

Travant produced an import mechanism that continues to save us time and what would otherwise be a very manual effort. We continue to utilize Travant to provide enhancements and advice as our needs evolve.

- Susan Leverentz, Office Manager

Platinum Converting, Inc.

We had avoided significant investments in technology because we weren’t sure that adequate solutions could be successfully produced for our business. Travant guided us through the process and developed a system that has automated much of our business. We no longer depend on filing cabinets and spreadsheets being passed around. We’ve dramatically increased the efficiency of our business.

- Jeff Huber, President

PocketCard, Inc.

Travant Solutions provided expertise in a wide variety of business and technology areas, including implementation of eCommerce applications, gateways for transaction processes, and back office solutions. Because of this, we were able to achieve our technology objectives on time and at reduced cost relative to hiring additional resources to obtain the diversity of capabilities we required.

- Dan Verdeyen, Vice President of Application Development

Shared Imaging, LLC

We were using an antiquated system that did not meet our needs, and most of our billing process was manual in nature. Travant constructed a software system that has greatly improved efficiency of our billing and accounting processes.

- Sam Country, Chief Financial Officer

SwiftMD Medical Group

As a startup healthcare company, we needed help to define a technical solution to carry out our vision for providing services to our members. Travant created the software that runs our business, and they provided excellent guidance for us to implement our initiatives. They have been a great advocate.

- Amy Wray, Chief Operations Officer

ThinkFirst Foundation

Travant was able to create a custom look and feel while providing expert guidance as to how to implement the new site. They provided tremendous value by centralizing our internal and external data into a single database. This allows us to offer self-service chapter maintenance and eliminate duplicate data entry. The website is designed with standard tools in such a way that ThinkFirst owns every image and every line of code. This gives the Foundation newly found freedom to maintain our website independently and allows us to create and develop new pages, insert edit text/graphics and explore the endless possibilities of interactive content. Their professional expertise has been vital for us to obtain autonomy of our own website. We would also like to thank the team at Travant Solutions for their friendly support during this process.

- Gigi Thomas, Website and Database Administrator

TrueSource, Inc.

Travant produced commercial quality software that became key components of our solution offering. They worked well with our in-house development team and provided excellent guidance for them.

- Rod True, President, TrueSource

Visibillity, Inc.

Travant Solutions provided outstanding software engineering talent and produced high-quality results. They seamlessly integrated their deliverables with our existing software application in a rapid timeframe.

- Yves Baseke, Product Release Manager

Decades of Unmatched Expertise

In addition to Travant’s more than 20 years of implementing solutions for customers, the management team has software and business experience dating back to the 1980s.

Why Choose Travant?

Proven Experience

We have deep knowledge of business processes in many industries

Tech Savvy

Our team members have extensive technical experience in a broad range of programs and processes


We use our experience to establish repeatable methods that shorten software development time, automate testing, improve quality, and expedite deployment


We are receptive, respectful, inquisitive, thought-provoking, and open minded