Client Stories

Travant Solutions® provides professional services to clients of different sizes, ranging from start-up to Fortune 100, with a variety of needs.

Fortune 500 eCommerce Company

Client Since: May, 2004

Solution Type: CRM, Sales Force Automation, C#, ASP.NET, SQL Server

Construction of an Extensive CRM/SFA Application

Travant served as a key participant on a large team that created an extensive CRM / SFA (sales force automation) application used by a sales crew of over 3000. The software architecture is a .Net Windows forms application written primarily in C# that utilizes a large SQL Server database. The application not only fuels day-to-day sales operations, but it also serves as the backbone for current and future internal development efforts to further increase sales and profit for this very large private organization.

Solution Type: Java

Construction of a Large Inventory Management System

Travant architected and lead the development of a cornerstone element of a large inventory management system that ran on a large System i server. The system was ported from a collection of batch programs written in an archaic language to a real-time, queue-driven application written in Java. This system overcame many technical challenges such as interfacing with a large mix of existing, dated System i applications. Travant's involvement included responsibility for requirements gathering, design, architecture, development, optimization, and quality assurance of the application. In addition Travant mentored and trained the client's staff in object-oriented techniques and development in Java. The project was very successful and served as a template for future work.

Solution Type: eCommerce, ASP.NET, C#, JavaScript/AJAX

Enhancement of a High Volume eCommerce Web Site

Travant served as a key participant on a team that implemented several important enhancements to one of the highest volume eCommerce sites in the country. Object-oriented analysis and design techniques, including use case analysis, object modeling and database schema design, were utilized in developing these enhancements. The code was written in ASP.Net and C#. JavaScript/AJAX techniques were utilized to create a rich-interaction web environment.