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Health Insurance Claim Investigation Firm

Client Since: June, 2012

Solution Type: Object Oriented Design and Development, Microsoft ASP.NET web application written in C#, AJAX Control Toolkit, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services

This firm provides healthcare Fraud detection and prevention, Auditing, Consulting and Training services to healthcare providers, employers, payers, patients, government agencies and attorneys. The firm came to Travant to replace their MS Access based medical auditing software to provide additional data capture functionality and system-wide reporting capabilities. Using a multi-tier, object-oriented approach, Travant designed and developed a architecture that allows data analysts and medical auditors to quickly enter data for different medical claim types and evaluate the procedures and charges to determine if they are within industry guidelines and specifications for the given geographic region and time frame. Additional reporting capabilities to analyze the claim data across the database to look for trends in HPCPS/CPT procedure codes on a geographic and calendar basis.