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Disaster Kleenup International

Client Since: October, 2011

Project Audit

Disaster Kleenup International (DKI) is global provider of disaster recovery services, serving as a third party administrator for businesses and insurance companies to facilitate service providers. DKI had been conducting an internal project to construct a software system over the course of the previous 10 months. The project was given oversight by senior engineers on the IT team and executive management, but there was not a project manager assigned to it. DKI leveraged Travant's experience with software development methodology to audit the project. Travant assessed the status of the project and implemented procedures to manage it. Travant also documented critical information about the project and delineated a series of remaining tasks and estimates for completion. DKI leveraged this information to make key decisions on the project's direction.

“While we had confidence in our IT team's technical skills, we were concerned about the lack of visibility into our project. Travant was able to quickly assess the status or our project, explain areas of deficiencies, and provide critical forecasts for timing and resources.”

- Ellen Mikula, Vice President of Service Delivery