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Gift of Hope

Client Since: December, 2006

Gift of Hope is a not-for-profit organ procurement organization that serves much of the State of Illinois and is responsible for saving many lives by facilitating the transfer of organs and tissues. Gift of Hope provides critical services to educate hospitals about procedures for organ transfer, and they maintain relationships with physicians and coroners, as well as with the families of those who donate organs to help others. Accordingly, Gift of Hope needs a robust solution for managing all of these relationships, tracking touch points, and ensuring that correspondence is sent on a timely basis. Gift of Hope utilized Travant to search for and implement an appropriate Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software solution to manage its operations. Travant conducted use case analysis and other process mapping techniques to establish and document Gift of Hope's requirements. Travant drafted a request for proposal and distributed it to several CRM software vendors. Travant also constructed a scoring mechanism, arranged for vendor demonstrations, and facilitated the software selection process. When a decision was made, Travant managed the implementation in multiple phases across Gift of Hope's organization.

“We were highly dependent on the memory of each staff member to follow up with their contacts and run our operations. Travant explained how a CRM solution could help us to reduce the amount of time spent on administrative efforts, focus more on our mission, and create an internal base of knowledge that could be shared with all of our staff members. They guided us through the selection process, and they ensured that our implementation was successful.”

- Anna Gonzalez, Information Systems Director