Client Stories

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MPM Food Equipment Group

Client Since: April, 2012

Solution Type: Object Oriented Design and Development, WinForm application written in C#, XML, JSON, AutoQuotes, Intuit QuickBooks API

MPM Food Equipment Group is a wholesaler of appliances, accessories, and general equipment for the food service and food retail industries. MPM uses the AutoQuotes (AQ) platform for producing quotes to customers on industry equipment. MPM needed an automated mechanism to populate their Intuit QuickBooks accounting system with sales orders and purchase orders resulting from the AQ quotes. Travant constructed an importer system to interpret the XML and JSON output from AQ and populate QuickBooks with the resulting data. This included the automatic creation of new inventory items and new vendors as needed.

“Travant produced an import mechanism that continues to save us time and what would otherwise be a very manual effort. We continue to utilize Travant to provide enhancements and advice as our needs evolve.”

- Susan Leverentz, Office Manager