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Shared Imaging, LLC

Client Since: June, 2014

Solution Type: Object Oriented Design and Development, Microsoft ASP.NET web application written in C#, HTML5/CSS3/Bootstrap, AJAX Control Toolkit with JQuery, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services

Contract / Lease Management

Shared Imaging (SI) is a strategic partner delivering diagnostic imaging solutions to meet the clinical, operational and financial needs of healthcare providers throughout the United States. Shared Imaging was in need of a system to input the lease contracts and manage the billing of customers for equipment and services. Travant designed, developed and implemented a tailored billing and lease management system for SI. The system stores the terms and details for the lease contracts, tracks usage of the medical devices, and produces invoices for billing of leases. Invoice information is sent to the Dynamics GP accounting system, and reports provide information on device usage, revenue distribution, and other financial requirements.

“We were using an antiquated system that did not meet our needs, and most of our billing process was manual in nature. Travant constructed a software system that has greatly improved efficiency of our billing and accounting processes.”

- Sam Country, Chief Financial Officer

Solution Type: Health Level 7 (HL7), MD Connection, WinForm application written in C#, Microsoft SQL Server

Healthcare Claims Submission

Shared Imaging has some customers that prefer to be billed through the MD Connection claims submission facility. Travant constructed a software system to input information on scanning device usage and load it to MD Connection for processing.

Software Evaluation and Selection

Shared Imaging (SI) had been relying on a combination of antiquated software and manual processes for managing key areas of its business. SI hired Travant to conduct a software evaluation and selection of an ERP system to replace its antiquated system. SI also hired Travant to evaluate and select software for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and for field service management. Travant leveraged its methodology for conducting software evaluations, including the creation of feature lists, scoring mechanisms, and vendor demonstration scripts. As a result, SI selected the Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP and CRM systems, and the ServiceMax field services management system.

“Travant had a very organized approach to the software evaluation process. They helped us to define our needs and facilitated all activities, including complete management of the software vendors being evaluated.”

- Sam Country, Chief Financial Officer