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SwiftMD Medical Group

Client Since: December, 2007

Solution Type: Object Oriented Design and Development, Microsoft ASP.NET web application written in C#, HTML5 / JQuery / AJAX, Twitter Bootstrap Responsive UI, Microsoft ASP.NET web service written in C#, AJAX Control Toolkit, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services, Windows Service written in C#, Integrated with Azure data storage blobs, Integrated with Trumpi SMS API, Integrated with Ring Central VOIP Telephony, Integrated with Exchange 365, Integrated with EMRge via HL7 TCP/IP interface, Integrated with EMRge via CCR web API interface, Integrated with Authorize.NET, Integrated with Citrix ShareFile, Supports data imports from multiple formats including HIPAA 834, MS Excel, and CSV

SwiftMD is an online healthcare provider that offers physician services 24 hours per day via their website and telephone. Their team of physicians provides consultations for thousands of members, including individual families that subscribe to the service as well as corporate employees that receive SwiftMD as a group health benefit.

SwiftMD came to Travant to establish their IT infrastructure and build their premier web-based application. Travant guided SwiftMD in choosing an electronic medical records (EMR) software product for physicians to record progress notes, diagnoses, and prescriptions. Travant then designed and developed the SwiftMD web application to provide member services, a message center, and electronic commerce for billing. The software leverages the .NET platform using C#, ASP.NET, AJAX, SQL Server, and Reporting Services. Travant integrated the SwiftMD web application with the EMR software using the Health Level 7 (HL7) data format specification to transfer patient demographic and appointment information via TCP/IP connections. Travant enabled members to view their medical records online in the SwiftMD web application using Continuity of Care Record (CCR) to retrieve data from the EMR.

To manage SwiftMD's larger group health plan customers, Travant created import mechanisms to easily populate the system from customers' human resources systems. Included in these is the ability to import a HIPAA 834 compliant file.

“As a startup healthcare company, we needed help to define a technical solution to carry out our vision for providing services to our members. Travant created the software that runs our business, and they provided excellent guidance for us to implement our initiatives. They have been a great advocate.”

- Amy Wray, Chief Operations Officer