About Travant

Travant Solutions® is a professional services company that enables business initiatives and solves business problems by producing custom software solutions and implementing packaged software products. Travant was established in 2000 by three veterans of the software and professional services industry with careers dating back to the 1980s.

Enabling and Empowering Business Vision Through Technology

Enabling and Empowering Business Vision Through Technology

Travant takes into consideration the many factors that lead to success. The objective may be to enter a new market, or to make key processes more efficient, or to grow a business by offering products to the market in new and more efficient ways. Travant evaluates existing investments, considers applicable technologies and software architectures, and derives the optimal solution to achieve your business objective.

We leverage your resources in the process, transferring knowledge and greatly improving the capability of your staff. Travant conducts projects in a manner that is efficient and optimal for your organization. This maximizes our value and minimizes your cost.

Our Tenets of Success

We bring to every custom business software development project a repeatable methodology and proven application frameworks. Every custom software solution we have developed has been successfully implemented in a live production mode.


We offer full transparency to the custom business software development process every step of the way. You will have complete access to all design and development material, as well as access to the most recent build of your custom software through a constantly available website dedicated to your project.


It is not unusual for Travant to be brought into a project during the middle of its lifecycle. We can assess the quality of software designs to verify the proper translation of business requirements. In the process, Travant can nurture your staff, employees and contractors, to help them to deliver the best results.


Our extensive technical and business experience allows us to create custom solutions to problems that span from very specific to very broad and sweeping. We isolate business problems and architect efficiently targeted solutions.


Our repeatable approach to design and development has a strong track record of uniting people in order to achieve tangible business results. We can work with any existing technology your organization has in place.